Friday, 18 November 2011

Work tools

I wrote before about the tools used to write and about how I found using spreadsheets to be a great way of planning a book.

Well recently, I've been getting pretty fed up with my copy of X-numeric throwing up odd error messages, so I looked for new spreadsheet packages that would provide what I need for writing ie just give me columns and rows to write in. But, as you'd imagine most spreadsheets are designed to compete with Excel and provide more bells and whistles than I need.

Eventually I found Spread 32 a free, very small bare-bones spreadsheet on a copy of Floppy Office. It's even smaller than the one written by the people at Bye Design. I don't mind about the lack of color in the FO version but it's one limitation is that it only recognizes files in its own format. So I can't import old spreadsheets. But that's not a major hindrance and so long as this one keeps doing what I need it to I'll stick with it.

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