Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The man's DIY keyboard wrist rest

I've been needing a keyboard rest recently and living in Taiwan, as I do, I was surprised to find that none of the local shops sold one (only the small mouse type) and being impatient I stomped my feet and said "I want I want I want" and instead of waiting 2-3 long days for a delivery, I thought I'd make my own.

There is another website with instructions on how to make one if you sew and whilst I may be a reasonably modern man ( changing nappies, doing laundry etc) I have neither the time nor inclination to spend more than 5 minutes on this project.

So in my nearest shop that sells everything I found the following items:

1 x pair of ladies calf length socks (white)
1 x 1kg box of assorted grains. You can use anything you like but these were on special.

Cost: NT$140 or US$4.80(ish) for 2 (yes 2) wrist rests (the other will be used at home.

I already had a plastic bag in the office .

Here's how easy it is:

  1. Turn the sock inside out
  2. Hold the sealed end of the bag at the toe of the sock and with your hand inside the sock (gripping the bag) turn the sock out again.
  3. Fill bagged sock with grain.
  4. Tie bag and tie sock.
It's as easy as that and this blog took longer to write than they took to make.