Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Another New Novel(la)

Whilst my last novella is being read and edited by some dedicated friends, I decided not to let the grass grow under my feet and start writing the next book.

The version being edited, is a murder-mystery set in China and follows the trials of a hack called Harry Patterson, who gets into far more trouble than he'd expected when he investigates a regular story in Beijing. Fuck Off, Chip will be the first of a series of Harry Patterson novels to be written over the next few years. But in the meantime the new story is a change of pace and a departure from murder-mystery and into science fiction.

Writing Fuck Off, Chip taught me many things which should hopefully speed up the writing of Black & White. Things such as planning and not just writing into the air will at least give me a sense of direction; the established use of spreadsheets will help organize the story and its sections and having established that writing in small chunks using Q10 is better for focusing my mind and not getting bogged down in pages upon pages of text I now have the best tools for my job.

So on with the writing!!

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