Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mind Mapping your way out of problem

I last mentioned that I was having problems getting to the bottom of my plot. I needed to know exactly why the plot was happening in the first place. The problem is I had all of these thoughts but no way of linking them together and expanding upon them.

So I turned to mind mapping, a simple technique to resolve any creative problem because it's basically a mind dump. Here's a précis of the techniques suggested by Tony Buzan in The Mind Map Book

1 The quick-fire Mind Map burst
Draw a stimulating central image on a large blank page. And for 20 minutes (no more) let ideas flow as fast as possible.

Take a break (to rest the brain)
2 First reconstruction and revision
Make a new Mind Map:
Identify the major branches or Basic Ordering Ideas, combining, categorising, building up hierarchies, finding new associations, and reconsidering in the context of the whole Mind Map any ideas that initially appeared 'stupid' or ‘absurd’.

3 Incubation
Go for a walk and relax.
Sudden creative realisations often come when the brain is in a relaxed, peaceful and solitary condition- perhaps when walking, running, sleeping or daydreaming.

4 Second reconstruction and revision
Do another quick-fire Mind Map burst to consolidate the results of this integration.
Consider all the information gathered and integrated in stages 1, 2 and 3 in order to make a comprehensive
Mind Map.

5 The final stage
Search for the solution, decision or realisation which was the original creative thinking goal.
Link disparate elements in the final Mind Map, leading to major new insights and breakthroughs.

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